Frequently Asked Questions

How many users from my staff can I add to manage my institute?

You can add as many users as you want from your staff to manage the operations of your institute. Moreover, you can assign roles to each staff based on the access permission you want to give to each staff.

What all softwares are needed to run AIMS product in my organization?

You just need internet connection and any latest browser installed on your system. AIMS could be used on Tablets & Mobile Phones as well.

How much time will it take for full implementation of service?

Your account will be activated within 24 hours of registration. Our representative will then support you to get the initial account configuration done as per your convenience.

Is it necessary to make payments on annual basis?

Yes. All premium subscriptions are charged on an annual basis.

Can I increase the limit on the number of students mid-way?

Yes. You can increase the limit on the number of students by making a payment of the differential subscription charge for the balance subscription period. So, you can start with less number of students and eventually scale up as the number of students in your institute increase.

Are there any hidden or additional fees to pay?

Yearly charges for AIMS only includes subscription charges. Additionally you are charged for SMS pack as per your requirements. Also, there will be a one time cost for the biometric device and the micro-chip based ID cards for students, only if you opt for biometic based system. Optionally, you can buy the biometic device and the smart cards by yourself.

Who can benefit from AIMS?

AIMS being an academic information management software becomes a big help for the administration staff to manage the institutional data. Students are regularly updated about their attendance and marks. Also, parents can regularly monitor their children's activity in the organization.

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